What we have heard so far

Based on public open house and LetsTalkRichmond survey results, this is what we know:

How and where I arrive at Minoru Park and what areas I visit

I think the balance between Active and Informal uses in Minoru Park should...


If the Lakes are renewed, I would like to see them...


I place the following importance on these aspects of Minoru Park...


Staff and Stakeholder Workshop key findings

I value the following aspects of Minoru Park...

  • It is a great place for walking
  • It provides a wide range of activities for all ages
  • It is an important sanctuary and place for respite within the City Centre
  • It has high quality, well-used sports facilities
  • The lakes are a key park feature and provide an important connection to water and nature
  • People have strong memories of and connections to the park

I am concerned about the following at Minoru Park...

  • the park is fragmented, incoherent, and lacks a distinctive character
  • It lacks a sense of arrival
  • The pedestrian circulation is disjointed
  • The site is challenging to navigate
  • Pedestrian safety and access through parking areas is challenging
  • Adjacent uses within the park are not always complimentary
  • The playground is small and difficult to access
  • It can be unclear about which areas and facilities are part of the park and that the lakes area exists
  • Balancing safety in the north area of the park with a desire to maintain its tranquil nature

My vision of an ideal Minoru Park would include...

  • A distinctive “Minoru Park” identity
  • Identifiable, inviting entry points that provide a sense of arrival
  • Well connected walking circuits/ loops within the park and improved connections around/to the park
  • Improved wayfinding and interpretive signage
  • More informal and multi-use areas that accommodate a wide range of activities year round
  • Better integration with adjacent site uses