Park Context

Minoru Park is part of the City Centre Area’s open space network. Planning for Minoru will consider how the park complements this overall network.

The number of Signature Parks in Richmond, including Minoru Park. Signature parks are those that offer spectacular and unique park experiences.

The number of City Parks in the Richmond City Centre area. The recently updated Garden City Community Park is 4 km away and it will be important for the Minoru Park Vision Plan to complement other area parks.

The size of Minoru Park. At 65 acres it is one of Richmond’s largest parks

Population in the City Centre Area grew by 25% from 2006-2011, making it Richmond’s fastest growing area

Would you like to learn more about the framework for Richmond Parks? View the 2022 Parks & Open Space Strategy, available in PDF format on the City of Richmond website.


Garden City Park

Garden City Lands - under development

Middle Arm Waterfront Park - under development

There are many new developments that have been recently completed or are underway, particularly east of Minoru Park. These changes are providing opportunities to improve connectivity to the park

Minoru Park is at the heart Richmond’s civic precinct – the hospital, Richmond Secondary School, City Hall, Fire Hall, and numerous recreational facilities are located in and surrounding the park

Most residents in the City Centre Area live in apartments making access to green space very important


The City Centre Area is Richmond’s most culturally-diverse neighbourhood signifying that a range of culturally-based activities should be considered at Minoru Park